Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Spits

A band you should definitely think is good is the Spits. They play Ramones/Devo/cool stuff/pizza music that rules and is hard to come by theses days. I don't know where they're from, what label, any of that bullshit. All I know is that my friend/roommate bought their new self-titled record the other day and we haven't put it down since.

And I mean he BOUGHT the RECORD. Not some digital download bullshit. If you download music, you're a leach, end of. If you don't listen to records and consider yourself any type of knowledgeable music person, YOU'RE NOT. Vinyl or nothing. Gotta be hard lined about it, no bullshit. It sounds way better and is much more rewarding in the long run.

Back to The Spits:

Remember when you were twelve and it was your birthday and all you wanted was for there to be pizza and soda at home after you and all your little shitty friends went and played laser tag or touch football at one of those shitty god awful strip malls we find everywhere in non-metropolitan America? This band sounds like the awesome feeling you had when all the pizza was there and you and your little friends pigged out and played Nintendo. Then after that you hooked up with that girl you had a crush on because she came too and brought her little brother but it was cool because he just hung out with your mom and took naps. That's what this band has going on.

Rude sounding party music for non-pretentious punk rock people. They have a total Ramones fetish going on but in a good way, not like Screeching Weasel or something lame like that. Expert lo-fi trickery going on in the production--it sounds like an old band i.e. it sounds like real music.

Again, analog reigns supreme.

They hit me by surprise, too. I was just chillin in the kitchen when all the sudden my friend puts this Spits album on and I suddenly had that horrible feeling like, "Oh shit, I'm totally square all the sudden because I don't know this band, who the fuck is this I wanna live in this album". And I basically have lived in this album since then, because we haven't really turned it off.

I highly recommend this band if you are like me and wish that the Riverdales and Screeching Weasel were actually as good as people pretend they are (even though the Riverdales are totally tolerable when you're in someone else's car and have no control over what you're listening to and you're like "Oh well, at least it's not U2") I posted one of their songs. If you don't think it rules you're probably way lame as a person and should be sterilized because you're also probably way right wing.